Excursion to Karlstejn Castle

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Excursion to Karlstejn Castle
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Excursion to Karlstejn Castle Excursion to Karlstejn Castle Excursion to Karlstejn Castle Excursion to Karlstejn Castle Excursion to Karlstejn Castle Excursion to Karlstejn Castle

Route: Prague - Karlstejn - Prague
Duration: 5 h

Half-day guided tour showes the medieval fortress founded in 1348. This half day tour will show you Karlstejn Castle, 35 km southwest of Prague. Emperor Charles IV founded the medieval fortress in 1348 to house the coronation jewels and relics. Note: This tour is not recommended for less then keen-walkers.

Price: per person

Price: 35.00 EUR


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